It is an online rating system for drivers’ employers where they rate drivers. It’s purpose is to bring about accountability to drivers. It also helps bring safety on roads, sanity in transport industry, and help protect the assets and investment of partners (driver’s employers). Take it this way. Driverate is CRB (credit reference bureau) for drivers!!

PASI is the parent company. PASI stands for Partners For Sustainable Investment. It was established to help car/motorcycle owners in the ride-hailing apps make a sustainable investment. It has now extended to help other car/motorcycle owners in other sectors (i.e. other than ride-hailing) to also have a sustainable investment. PASI has another tool to achieve its objectives which is Insurate. Insurate is made up of two words: Insurance and rate. It is a platform where users of insurance services rate and review the insurance providers. The objective of Insurate is to help streamline insurance companies so that car-owners can protect their investment. Since PASI is an initiative to help car owners/partners to have a sustainable investment, it is constantly endorsing tools and platforms that will bring value to them. One such tool is Motordeals. Motordeals is a listing platform for all motor-related needs. At Motordeals, shoppers get motor-related products and services at an amazing price.

We charge so that we can sustain the online database portal and pay for the team working to ensure Driverate works efficiently. We are also bringing value to partners/car-owners. It is wise for a partner to part with Kshs. 300 even up to Kshs. 2000 in the search for the driver with good ratings because if he gets a rogue and incompetent driver who has no ratings or who has bad ratings, he may end up losing up to Kshs. 30,000 a month or even go out of business. Besides, we believe that there is nothing for free. The best way to answer this is to ask: “Has Driverate brought value?”, if the answer is yes, then it is ok to pay in exchange of the value.

This platform is not restricted to any country. All driver employers anywhere in the world can use it to tame drivers. We are working on customising this tool to other regions/countries.

Driverate initiative is to make drivers responsible in all aspects. From protecting the employers asset to contributing to safe driving. For this to happen, employers are advised to rate their drivers once they quit employment. This will be a deterrent measure for irresponsible drivers. Also, it will prevent other employers from hiring rogue and irresponsible drivers. For such reasons, we recommend all employers of drivers to rate drivers. Similarly, we request drivers to ask employers to rate them once they end their contract. This will increase the chances of that driver getting hired again by another employer. To answer the question, yes other non-ride-hailing drivers will also be rated.

That’s the point. If you don’t have a good rating, it means that you are not a good driver by all standards. Hence drivers should ensure they leave employment in a good way otherwise it will be harder for them to be re-employed. Treat your employer well and make sure your take care of your employers asset/business. This way, he will not give you bad ratings. Just be nice, and it will all come back to you.

When the partner fills the rating form, he must as well fill the email address, and mobile number used to register his car on ride-hailing app. We counter-check the existence of the car under the details provided. If they do not match, the rating is removed or inactivated and will not be visible on search feature. If it is a company that is rating, we can easily verify by requesting for employment contract or call that company and verify whether that driver truly worked there. We also have other tactics we use to verify the person rating which we cannot disclose here.

Ratings QuestionsDepending on which category you are in, the points of rating a slightly different. Go to this Ratings Questions link to view all the ratings questions and how rating is calculated.

Why are buildings under surveillance have a notice that says “This building is under camera/CCTV surveillance”? That is a deterrent measure as well so that the wanna-be intruders should not even think about trespassing the boundaries. Similarly, all drivers’ employers are advised to inform drivers before they hire them that once employment ends, he/she will be rated on Driverate portal. In fact, employers should show them the Ratings Questions so that drivers know exactly which points they will be rated on. See the ratings questions here and for Ratings Template For Ride Hailing Driver here and Ratings Template for Other Drivers here. Make sure drivers see these links so that they know what to expect. This will work like magic.

Employer/partner should ask the driver to sign the clause that says “By working for me, you allow the employer to rate your performance after completion of contract.” As a partner/employer, make sure you include this clause in your employment contract. Also, by including the clause, you will be emphasizing, in written form, to the driver that he will be rated hence a deterrent measure for him/her not to misbehave. Check out Terms and Policy for using Driverate tool. Also, you may want to see Sample Contract for Ride-hailing partner, a document can be used by ride-hailing partners for free.

You are the employer and that is your car/asset/company. You are the boss, and you make the rules. If he is a serious job seeker, he will sign. And if he refuses, there are many other drivers who are seriously looking for employment. So just move on and get another driver.

Employers/partners have suffered a lot from rogue, exploitative and irresponsible drivers and this is the time to be tough and protect their investment. Partners should never give in. They have to stand strong and united so that they end this exploitation and mistreatment from drivers.

If you have bad ratings and you have decided to change, it is possible for that bad rating to be deleted and once that rating has been deleted, it will cease to appear on search results. There are two methods to delete the rating. The first method is for the driver to ask the partner/employer to delete the rating. Partners/Employers normally have a user admin panel, and they are able to access and view all ratings they have posted. They also have an option to delete.  The second method is for Driverate team to delete on behalf of the partner/employer. For this to happen, we need to get authorisation by the partner/employer.

In both methods, what is important is for your employer/partner to clear you. So, if you owe your previous employer some money, just pay him and he will either delete it by himself or authorises us to delete the bad rating. If you wronged him, you can go ask for forgiveness and if he forgives you and authorises us to delete, we will comply.

There is always a chance to change. Every employer who has rated using Driverate has an admin panel to delete a bad rating. Just sort out with your employer, and he will log in his admin panel and delete the bad rating.  But remember, most employers will only delete a bad rating after you have compensated the losses you caused him or after making up for the wrongdoings you committed.

Employers and partners are always advised to be honest, truthful and ethical as they rate drivers. It is really hard for an employer to just be biased and sadistic for no good reasons. Humans have a conscience and majority of them will do good as they would want good to be done unto them. And if you did bad to him, he will reciprocate that. And by the way, partners/employers are so busy, they do not have time to waste on giving malicious ratings for the fun of it. They have other pleasure-generating hobbies and giving biased/bad ratings is not one of them.

Driverate support will also try to assist resolve dispute between employers and drivers in instances of wrongdoings and biases.

By rating drivers you help bring about safe driving, discipline and sanity in transport industry. As a school, your students will be driven safely. For companies, you will save repair costs and incapacitations due to grounded cars. Drivers who know they will be rated will normally behave well hence the quality of your services such as school transport service, delivery business etc will be enhanced. They will treat the car as theirs. They will handle the goods as his and carry passengers as he carries his own family.

Driverate has some controls and instruments they use to flag fake ratings. We will not share them here. Moreover, in the rating form, partners/employers must submit their phone numbers and account email address connected to the ride-hailing car or their company. It is easy to call employers and ascertain if he has truly hired the driver. We will also work closely with ride-hailing apps and other companies so that they help us verify accounts and flag fake ratings.

A driver’s friend or paid rater would not rate badly on the driver. If a driver behaves badly to employer, he will definitely be rated badly. This bad rating is an indication that the rating is genuine. Paid raters would rate excellently.  When people come to find drivers’ ratings, they not only look at the good ratings, they particularly look for the bad ones too. And the bad ones speaks volume even if they are few.

Furthermore, people who rate must create an account before they rate. We closely follow up with these accounts to detect fake ratings.

Once a rating has been submitted, it cannot be edited. It can only be deleted. Those in authority to delete a rating are Driverate admin or the employer/partner who rated. If you are driver who received bad ratings, then you need to reach out to your employer/partner and request him/her to delete the rating. Employers may decide to forgive you and delete ratings. Others would demand you to compensate for the losses you have caused him for him to delete the ratings.

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