“Drivers’ employers are pivotal in ensuring our roads are safe, our assets are protected, our investments are sustainable and the community prospers. By doing one amazingly simple task: Rating drivers. Rate drivers with Driverate.”

About Driverate

Travel and mobility has been there for centuries and as long as humans continue to exist, there will always be movement of people and things from one place to another. This movement should be safe, convenient, stress-free and purposeful. People have also invested in transport businesses, and for their investment to be lucrative and sustainable, their assets (e.g. cars) and what they carry have to be protected and taken care of. For all this to happen, drivers have to play a huge role. Similarly, employers of drivers must play a pivotal role. Infact, it is the employers of drivers who will determine whether roads are safe, lives are saved, and assets are protected.

Government authorities have been trying to come up with rules and regulations to ensure that there is sanity, peace of mind, and safety in the transport industry. However, we should not leave it to governments and other authorities only. We need to help our governments and institutions to ensure that our roads, assets are safe and sane.

Driverate is that initiative to not only ensure that the roads are safe but to also safeguard the investment of those in transport sector. There is no better way to achieve this than to help weed out rogue and irresponsible drivers through individual and collective efforts. That is why we came up with “Driverate”, a driver rating initiative by employers of drivers. Ofcourse, another way is to deploy driverless vehicles, but before we reach there, no one should suffer through the actions of rogue, careless and irresponsible drivers.

The Magic Formula

Whether you are running a school bus department, whether you are own taxis in ride-hailing apps, whether you have a personal driver, whether you own a fleet of trucks, et cetera, you need to create deterrent measures to safeguard your business. And that magic formula is Driverate. By rating drivers, you help employers hire only the best. And you also help turn ill-intentioned drivers to good drivers. All we need you to do is to rate drivers once they complete working for you. Together, we can upgrade the transport sector and safeguard our investment.